12 Gauge Black Extension Cords


12 Gauge Black Extension Cords

We have added heavy duty black extension cords to our product line.  We sell these extension cords in 12 gauge, triple tap ends.  Extension cord lengths 2ft, 6ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 25ft are available.

Lighter, Flexible, but still Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Extension Cords Now Available!

We have extended our line of products to include 14 Gauge Extension cords. These cords offer the same robust molded connectors, plugs and cabling, just with a lighter gauge conductor perfect for the jobs you don't want to haul around our heavier gauge cords!

Wattswire.com Online shop is open

  Hello everyone. I don't know how good it feels to tell you we have finally branched off Amazon and onto our own online store. We have a lot of fans out there and hope to reach even more of you through our new site. Thanks for all the praise...