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BUILT FOR CONTRACTOR USE - Our cords are built with durability in mind. We design and construct our cords for heavy day after day use.
UL CERTIFIED - We only sell listed and certified products. All of our products carry the UL Listing.
LIGHTED CORDS - Our extension cords offer a built-in indicator light to determine when power is present. This will help you on the job site to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
FAST & FREE SHIPPING OPTIONS - We stock our products throughout North America which allows us to ship in a manner that best suits our customers time and budget.
ONE CORD FOR YOUR TOOLBOX - Our single and triple outlet one piece molded plugs and receptacles are the perfect option for your toolbox. Why bring three cords, when one will do?
BIG SAVINGS - By purchasing directly from us, we save you money which allows you to spend it on more important items, like more tools!
3 ft 12 gauge gfci inline extension cord

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We offer custom and large quantity orders on 10 gauge, 12 gauge and 14 gauge extension cords.

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